Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC is a professional services firm that is focused on helping organizations develop corporate entrepreneurship (Intrapreneurship) as a core competency to accelerate new business growth.

We work with individuals, innovation groups and the senior executive team to identify and develop your organizations entrepreneurial competencies.

  • Activating Entrepreneurs.  Corporate Entrepreneurs (intrapreneurs) are the engines of growth.  We help you identify, develop and retain these individuals by enabling them to be more engaged, productive and innovative.
  • Developing Leaders.  A lack of entrepreneurial leaders at the top of organizations is stifling innovation and growth.  We work with you to develop the entrepreneurial leadership competencies needed for growth.
  • Generating Growth.  Increasing complexity and ambiguity make growth more challenging.  We show you how to accelerate new business growth by helping you build corporate entrepreneurship (Intrapreneurship) as a core competency.

Our products and services enable you to quickly assess the situation and take action

We believe that entrepreneurship is a hidden capability within most organizations.  Our mission is to activate the entrepreneurial capabilities you already have inside your organization.

We help you develop the people, processes and place needed to sustain growth.


“The economy will only be helped when big companies start acting in ways that appeal to the entrepreneurial types of employees.”

Jack Welch, Former CEO of GE